SATCO General Order Suppliers deals in supplies of all kinds of products for offices, hospitals, and another corporate sectors, including national and multinational companies and business groups. They also provide technical support for office and hospital equipment on both a regular and priority basis. They offer services to foreign Principals, also work with suppliers who are from major industrial groups, well equipped, having a strong financial base. They provide services on forwarding and transportation of freight, customs clearance, and equipment rent. Development of partnerships and exceeding of customer expectations led the company stability and success; gained extensive experience in technology, transportation, trade, industrial, and energy sectors. Their professional experts ready to provide the full range of services needed for complete supply chain management– from choosing the most favorable manufacturer to delivering to the place of final destination: purchase, transportation, customs clearance, certification, obtaining permits, storage, and delivery of goods.

Services Provided

MAGUS IT has provided SATCO software development services to cater to their needs. We are still providing maintenance services for the software we developed for them.